What do you understand by local community responsive to global challenges?

Grants have been distributed, projects are being implemented, but we would like to keep you updated about our Program.

Within our grant competition we have asked our applicants what do the understand by local community responsive to global challenges? How,
in their opinion, should it operate?

See what they told us.

We theoretically know that everything on this planet is connected but it might be very challenging to fully understand what we don’t see in our everyday life. Every community consists of individuals so we believe that we have to start with understanding each individual, his/her thoughts, believes, needs and interests. When we understand that we can offer new ideas and ways to do everyday things according to people’s needs. That’s what we understand by local community responsive to global challenges – individuals taking responsibility for changes. It is much more important and effective to try to work directly to individual habits than to set up some kind of a system that looks good from outside but does not work properly because individuals do not understand and believe the idea.

Aluksne and Ape Community Foundation

We believe that society’s response to global challenges should be the desire of people to solve the problems of the present, to direct efforts to improve living conditions. Ideally, it is necessary to create initiative groups of people who will study the global problems, develop and bring to implementation projects aimed at solving global problems of humanity.

Charitable fund “Borisfen”

Global challenges can be effectively addressed only with the help of common efforts. Nowadays energy demands are growing, energy use is getting more and more wasteful and in 30-40 years
energy demands could be more than expected taking into account technological world development. Over half of the new energy generation capacity comes from renewable sources today, so popularization of saving energy use and exploitation of alternative energy sources by local communities will contribute to responding to global challenges.

Non-governmental organisation „Reforms and development”

Tackling own development challenges is one of the core attributes of a resilient community and society. In consequence, as a global community, we have so much to learn from each community
and we are in need of more powerful modalities for enabling learning among local communities around the world. The universalization of the SDGs impacts local communities and provides
avenues for understanding how local and global challenges and opportunities are inter-related. This makes it a necessity for the young people in every community to understand how their
challenges relate to the way the rest of the world works and, also, how their choices impacts positively and/or negatively the world we live in. Therefore, a local community that is responsive
to global challenges is one that learns and shares its own experiences, that draws on global lessons to tackle development challenges at home.

Făgăraș Country Community Foundation

Our local community response to global challenges involves providing fair education and promotion of equal chances learning for everyone. Understanding this response we implement
innovative solutions within support of teaching youth from smaller communities, the underprivileged, and also talented and engaged in social initiatives. Promotion of such attitude,
supporting and building local coalitions in favor of education is, in our opinion, an effective longtime method of response to global challenges, a method which could be copied and modified
in other places in Poland and other countries with similar problems. This is an implementation of friendly to the youth forms of education combined with social activity, development of skills within the framework of entrepreneurship, improving talents and interests according to the motto of our educational patron Janusz Korczak: “So that anyone could become whoever they want to”.

Association The Nidzica Community Foundation

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