Posted on 22/04/2020
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Dr. Stefan Cibian

NameStefan Cibian, Ph.D.
Field of expertiseInternational development, including the SDGs, international relations, peacebuilding, public policy, and political science.
OrganizationFăgăraș Research Institute
LanguagesEnglish, Romanian, French, German
ActivitiesStefan is focusing in his teaching and research on development and statehood in Sub-Saharan Africa, CEE and EU – Africa relations, development policy, international relations theory, peacebuilding, democratization, civil society, philanthropy, migration, and human rights
Publications2019 – “Report on Țara Făgărașului Diaspora Engagement in Civic and Philanthropic Activities,” Făgăraș Research Institute Report.

2017 – “Central and Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects for Sustained Re-engagement,” Chatham House Research Paper.

2018 – “Unintended Consequences of Global Democratization Policies: Failed States and Hollow Democracies,” paper presented at the ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, USA.

2018 – Development Practices as Exercise of Global Power: New Donors in Between Critical Discourses and Disciplining Global Practices,” paper presented at the ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, USA.

2017 – “Beyond Underdevelopment: ‘Hermeneutical translations’ and democratization efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central and Eastern Europe” paper presented at the ISA Annual Convention, Baltimore, USA.

2016 – “Post-Western IR: The impossible quest” paper presented at the ISA Annual Convention, Atlanta, USA.

2015 – “Reflections on Positionality in Ethnographic IR: the researcher in-between the local, science, and self,” paper presented at the ISA Annual Convention, New Orleans, USA.

2011 – “Analyzing the European Development Fund: An English School Account of How Presumed Statehood Undermines (Development in) Sub-Saharan Africa,” Ph.D. Thesis, Budapest: Central European University.

2010 – “Lideri Noi, Esecuri Noi: Comisia Europeana si Politica Europeana de Asistenta pentru Dezvoltare’’ [New Leaders, New Failures: the European Commission and European Development Policy], chapter in Studii Polticie, vol. 6, eds. Vasile Boari and Sergiu Ghergina, Cluj-Napoca: Cluj-University Press.
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