Posted on 10/08/2020


The SDG Toolkit platform was created by the European Environmental Bureau to encourage more engagement from civil society organisations with the SDGs, at National and European level. This online SDG toolkit will be useful for different aspects of NGOs’ work:

  • Policy: if you want to learn who works on the SDGs in your country, which policy proposals exist already, or when the next big policy event takes place.
  • Communications & Press: if you writ­e press releases or campaign messages and would like to link it to the relevant SDG, add some graphic content, or find some key so­cial media accounts.
    The SDG toolkit contains hundreds of policy papers, monitoring and review documents, SDG coalition websites, presentations, speaker bios, social media accounts, images, and many other resources. The site is easy to navigate as users can filter by region/country, by type of resource, or by SDG.
Enter the platform here: SDG Toolkit
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