Posted on 05/06/2020
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The Goals Project

What’s The Goals Project?

The Goals Project is an exciting new global learning initiative by Dr Jennifer Williams, educator, speaker, author and activist. The Goals Project is a free global collaboration project for all classrooms of the world.

What does the Project involve?

If you’re an educator, it will provide opportunities for your students (all ages welcome, from Pre-K/nursery through to college), to work on a short project relating to a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Each participating class will be assigned one of the SDGs and will join a team with 16 other classes from around the world. Classes will collaborate on their small project locally and will then have the opportunity to share their findings with the rest of their global team. As a result, each class will learn something about all 17 Global Goals as well as learning something about their global team.

Who can join it?

Teachers and educators of with their classes (children of all ages)

Team Facilitators


Registration is open now and it closes in August. The Project will start in September 2020!

Find more info here: The Goals Project

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