Posted on 08/06/2020
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UN SDG:Learn

What is it?

UN SDG:Learn is a United Nations initiative that aims to bring relevant and curated learning solutions on sustainable development topics to individuals and organizations.

Through the collaborative efforts of the United Nations, multilateral organizations, and sustainable development partners from universities, civil society, academia and the private sector, UN SDG:Learn provides  a unique gateway that empowers individuals and organizations through an informed decision when selecting among a wealth of SDG-related learning products and services that are currently available.

Main Components

The Platform – The web-based Platform is a gateway that matches learners’ needs with learning solutions offered by UN SDG: Learn Partner organizations targeting diverse audiences from government officials, UN staff, private sector executives and employees, parliamentarians, NGO workers, young people, journalists and citizens at large. The Platform enables a smart navigation through the growing wealth of various learning solutions including courses, tutorials, podcasts, analytical and other tools, and the expertise on topics related to SDG achievement.

The Partnership – ensures that the Platform becomes a key resource and the main gateway for SDG learning. UN SDG:Learn is powered by a community of practitioners that bring together the main providers of learning solutions on the SDGs from the UN, academia and universities and the private sector. The Partners network engages in regular exchange on learning methodologies, tools, curricula, and courses relevant for SDG learning.

The Programme –  will feature and offer joint learning initiatives that will be co-designed as part of the UN SDG: Learn Partnership to ensure integrated learning support to countries.

UN SDG:Learn is ultimately about allowing the UN family to work in collaboration with key partners and reach out to millions of people whose professional and personal learning choices will make a difference if we are to achieve the SDGs.

Explore the initiative –> UN SDG:Learn

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