With this project, we want to strengthen the NGO sector in Ukraine by creating a network of local philanthropic organizations in Ukraine, modelled on the Polish network of Act Locally Centers.


The project involved 9 Act Locally Centres and 10 organizations from Ukraine. 

Within the project: 

  • We have carried out an analysis of the potential and conditions for networking of local philanthropic organizations, modelled on the ODL network in Ukraine. 
  • Act Locally Centres and organizations from Ukraine took part in the educational program, and then in partnerships consisting of ODL and organizations from Ukraine invented social projects promoting the idea of local philanthropy in Ukraine. Three projects received grants in the amount of 16.000 PLN for the implementation of partnership projects. Detailed information on the projects can be found in the summary report. The participants of the project had also an opportunity to carry out study visits to Ukraine. 
  • At the end of the project, a summary report in Polish and Ukrainian was prepared. 

As a result of the project, we have started a process of building a network of local philanthropic organizations in Ukraine, modelled on the network of Act Locally Centers.  

The project was carried out by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland in a partnership with The Initiative Center for Social Action “Ednannia”, as part of two programs of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation: Act Locally, implemented by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland (ARFP) and the RITA Program – Region in Transition, implemented by the Education for Democracy Foundation. 

Presentation about the project (PL): gcls_rita_wprowadzenie_do_projektu_short

More information: https://www.localsolutionsfund.org/gcls-dla-ukrainy/o-projekcie/


Within this project we have organised a study trip for 10 Ukrainian organizations. In September representatives of those organizations and our Partner ISAR Ednannia came to Poland to take part in the Polish-Ukrainian Act Locally Summer School.

The aims of the School were:
• To recruit Ukrainian NGOs that can become Act Locally Centers in Ukraine.
• To introduce the idea of ’Act Locally’ Program to Ukrainian NGOs.
• To provide Ukrainian NGOs with knowledge in the field of local fundraising and to encourage them to test it in practice.
• To establish a cooperation between Ukrainian NGOs and Polish Act Locally Centers.


Summer School participants heard about experiences from Polish-Ukrainian projects, main principles of the local grant competition and effective fundrising. They have also taken part in a workshop called Civic engagement – how to engage local community?


So far, we have carried out three major activities:

  1. series of webinars for Ukrainian participants
  2. workshop in Kiev
  3. study visits in Poland



During the online meetings the experts prepared a short summaries resembling the material presented at the Summer School, and Ukrainian organizations had the opportunity to ask additional questions and get advice.

  • 19.03 – Paweł Łukasiak – President of the Academy: Fundrising strategy
  • 02.04 – Artur Rajkowski – Foundation Generator Inspiracji: Intersectoral cooperation in support of local activity of residents
  • 16.04 – Irena Gadaj – Fundacja Fundusz Lokalny Ziemi Biłgorajskiej: Diagnosis of social needs. Tools for diagnosing social capital BOX


Workshop in Kiev

Workshoop took place in Kiev, 23-26.04.2019. Representatives of 10 Ukrainian non-governmental organizations had an opportunity to deepen their knowledge about animating local communities, fundraising and organizing local grant competitions.


Study visits in Poland

Participants took part in two study visits in the southern Poland in June 2019. They had meetings, presentations and workshops in 5 Act Locally Centres.

The visiting groups were formed out of representatives from NGOs and local government. They took part in workshops concerning: animating and engaging local communities to solve social problems, cooperation of Act Locally Centres with grantess, social capital and modern fundraising techniques etc.












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