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Education on protecting the environment

Association The Nidzica Community Foundation

Stowarzyszenie Nidzicki Fundusz Lokalny

Project: Remember the Gardens


About: Association is a philanthropic organization established in 1999 which aims to support education of children and youth, work for the community, gather and distribute funds for charity, culture, education and environment protection. The organization implements programs and projects within innovative forms of teaching. So far it has granted 857 scholarships in the total amount of 2 million PLN. It cooperates with a group of 30 volunteers engaged in implementation of educational projects and charity events.

Challenge: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. This is a constant challenge for the organization and it has influence on life in the entire community. It is especially important considering the past of their region, where for dozens of years there were state-owned farms which destroyed natural environment. Only those who are aware and conscious may introduce social changes, improve living conditions of the entire community.

Solution: The organization has conducted a cycle of interactive workshops for the participants of the project which developed skills regarding, i.a. social communication, creative thinking, biodiversity and ecosystem. It has also organized study visits in the demonstrational garden, which was combined with workshops for the youth. During the meeting they’ve raised knowledge and skills of the participants in regard to protection of the environment. They also organized an event “Remember the gardens” – for  200 participants: adults and children. During this all-day event the participants had an opportunity to visit Paradise Garden with trained participants of the project, who told about the flowers, taking care of plants and interesting facts about the environment.

SDGs: 4, 15

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