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Brunswick imPuls-Report

Community Foundation of Brunswick

ABOUT: As a community foundation it is founded and supported by the citizens of the town. The CF’s motto is: Think with us – carry with us – shape with us! Their work is dedicated to a socially peaceful, culturally diverse, active and lively town. They don’t ask for what can be done for them, they ask for what they can do to make their town more livable.

PROJECT TITLE: Brunswick imPuls-Report

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: In 2020 the CF published the first “Brunswick imPuls-Report” to contribute to the knowledge on the SDGs in Brunswick. Within the project “Brunswick imPuls live” they decided to bring different citizens of Brunswick together in several dialogue forums (either in live-formats or in digital forms) to discuss the outcomes of the first report with regard to SDG 6, 10,11,12 and 13, to contribute to educating people on sustainable development and to sensitize the citizens to the links between the local and global level. In particular, they want to address the challenges in the education sector which have been exacerbated by the Corona pandemic. Also, solutions shall be worked out that can be incorporated in a new „Brunswick imPuls-Report” at the beginning of 2022, especially with regard to SDG 4, as a high-quality education is the key to individual opportunities. It makes people more open to changes in behavior and is at the same time the basis for innovation and a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the Earth.

SDG TARGETS: SDG 4, 6, 10,11,12 and 13

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