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Circular economy in Modra: WASTE WILL NOT DISAPPEAR – II phase

Revia-Carpathian Community Foundation


ABOUT: REVIA is a community foundation focused on developing philanthropy and improving people’s lives. Sharing information, counseling and educating volunteers, donors, local governments, local NGOs and the general public is another way, Revia promotes philanthropy and real impact of civil society. Given the current situation, they focus on the health stability and prevention activities, yet continuing with the environmental sustainability.

PROJECT’S MAIN GOAL: To continue awareness-raising efforts in waste separation, transferring responsibility for the quantity and quality of separation to their shoulders through the direct involvement of the inhabitants.

PROJECT’S DESCRIPTION: In the pilot project in Modra, supported in GCLS Grant Round 1 in 2019, Revia focused on several activities to tackle the waste over-production and insufficient recycling like e.g. an awareness campaign (informative materials, workshops, happenings, media), the recycling e-guide, presentation of the findings and proposals to the local authorities, watch-groups monitoring the campaign results. Yet, it seems, it was not enough. Anonymity in apartment housing seems to be one of the main obstacles for proper recycling. However, it is essential to find and target directly the barriers and motivations of the specific groups of residents. This is where the new project kicks-in. Organizing a professional discussion-based survey will help REVIA understand better the thinking of the people, building the first community lockable container stand would engage residents of targeted areas and support the recycling of the waste as well.

SDG TARGETS: the organizations they are working with in this program are contributing to the following targets:

12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

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