Good Practices

Community Foundation Göttingen. Arrive well – live well – return stronger

The organization supported local institutions that provided help for refugees, focusing on educational, pedagogical, and psychological care. Their activities included organizing German language courses, assisting teachers in integrating students from Ukraine and addressing current problems. They also supported the organization of meetings covering topics like living in Göttingen, education, finding work, accommodation, taxes, and more.

Additionally, they provided support to children in local schools and kindergartens, assisting with the purchase of items like winter shoes, jackets, and school utensils. The organization extended support to students from Africa or Asia who had fled from Ukraine, financing German language courses for them to continue their studies in Göttingen. A facility near Göttingen, in Hannoversch-Münden, dedicated to Ukrainian refugee mothers and children received funding for games to help them adapt to the new environment. The organization also funded a translator to facilitate communication between parents and teachers on sensitive topics, ensuring clear discussions on educational, behavioral, and psychological issues, especially when parents had limited proficiency in German.

During the Easter holidays, in collaboration with the ‘Deutsches Theater Göttingen,’ they organized a one-week theater workshop for Ukrainian girls.

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