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Community Safe Space

Regional foundation for local development Zamah

ABOUT: Zamah foundation is devoted to local community development and promotion of philanthropy, solidarity and responsibility. Most of their work is focused on development of small rural areas and encouragement of youth to be become key drivers for positive change. They believe that philanthropy and civic participation are preconditions for the development of just and sustainable society. Since their establishment they have supported more than 450 civic initiatives and organized numerous humanitarian, and other community actions.

PROJECT TITLE: Community Safe Space/ Solutions for children and youth in new social circumstances.

PROJECT’S MAIN GOAL: The main goal of the project is to ensure both physical and mental health of the vulnerable groups in rural areas while at the same time creating better quality socio – cultural life in the new social circumstances.

PROJECT’S DESCRIPTION: COVID-19 outbreak and harsh restrictive measures has very negative impact on mental health of vulnerable groups in small rural communities in Croatia where already poor socio – cultural life is becoming even poorer. Additionally, physical health of vulnerable groups is at risk since adults in rural areas pay less attention to adoption of new patterns of behavior and therefore children and youth do not inherit them. In order to ensure both mental and physical health and to create better socio – cultural life in one rural area, Zamah Foundation will work with youth and CSO on increasing organizational capacities and strengthening the leadership skills of community members. The main priority is to promote new social behavior while at the same time creating safe space for better socio – cultural life.

SDG TARGETS: With this project Zamah Foundation targets four SDG’s as it follows: Good health and well-being (3), Quality education (4), Sustainable communities (11) and Climate action (13). In rural area where Zamah will work, mental and physical health is at risk due to COVID-19 outbreak, by promoting new social behavior amongst children and youth and creating new safe community space we will ensure good health and well-being and at the same time work on creating sustainable community and providing quality education on new social circumstances. Additionally, ensuring productive lives during and after the pandemic and promoting sustainable practices we are targeting SDG number (4) Climate action.

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