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Făgăraș Community Hub and Makerspace – Comuniteca

Făgăraș County Community Foundation


Comuniteca represents a community-centered space and initiative that brings together people and organizations in order to benefit together from what each individual and NGO has to offer.

The organization adapted its space to the needs of refugees from Ukraine. Together with them they repainted and prepared for work.

Comuniteca is the place where those who want to inspire and those who seek inspiration, children and young people, adults and seniors, the generous and the curious, all those who want to leave an imprint on the community, meet. It is two classrooms inside one of the high school buildings in Făgăraș, that have been renovated and brought to life through GCLS funding, now serve as an active community space for everyone. The possibilities of workshops, seminars, activities, etc. that can take place at Comuniteca are countless. Examples of activities and projects that have already taken place at Comuniteca: meetings with Ukrainian women in the area together with a certified Ukrainian-language speaking psychologist, free Romanian language classes during the summer holiday, for Ukrainian families: especially teenagers and adults: 10 people attended the classes constantly, co-working activities.

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