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Good education for all

Foundation Step Forward / Fondacija Iskorak

ABOUT the CF: Foundation Step Forward (FSF) is the first community foundation in Serbia, established in 2013 by community philanthropy support organization ‘Zajecar Initiative’. It covers the territory of Timok Region in Eastern Serbia, focusing particularly on Zajecar community. FSF supports citizens and provide them tools to shape their communities according to their needs and constantly improve their prospects/position in the Timok region. Its work is based on direct interaction with citizens and a locally-grounded approach. From the very beginning, FSF has a key role in philanthropy development, trying to pioneer new models and mechanisms for mobilization of local resources such as Walkathon and Community Social Day. FSF has established the named fund of the famous pop singer, Mr. Željko Vasić, which operates within the framework of FSF, supporting the young people from socially vulnerable families.

PROJECT TITLE: Good education for all

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Preschool and primary education is compulsory in Serbia. However, children from socially disadvantaged families and families of people with disabilities very often have a problem during the first years of the education since their families are not able neither to provide nor to cover additional learning support. These families are mostly beneficiaries of some forms of social assistance and social services and do not have the funds to cover the extra classes their children need in order to adequately master school curriculum, prepare for knowledge tests and develop a positive attitude towards education.

Project activities:

  1. Learning support for children from socially disadvantaged families. This support would be implemented by forming 4 small groups of 7 students each with two educators working twice a week during 4 months period. Learning support would include: completing daily school tasks, teaching children work habits, teaching skills to overcome everyday challenges in peer and school environment, support in mastering curriculum, preparing for knowledge tests, and developing a positive attitude towards education. If necessary, individual classes will be organized. Support in learning English language for preschool and first grade children from socially vulnerable families. The aim of this activity is to remove negative attitudes toward learning foreign languages among children through creative approach and play.
  2. Implementation of the campaign aiming to collect school supplies for children from socially endangered families. FSF will team up with a number of partners to implement this campaign that will take place throughout the project. The campaign will use both local media and digital channels to reach out to citizens and mobilize their support. There will be also one online public discussion organized. Citizens would be able to donate school supplies by bringing them to the premises of FSF and partner organizations, or by using special boxes that will be located in local bookstores.

SDG TARGETS: SDG 1 (SDGs 1.1, 1.2), SDG 4 (SDGs 4.1, 4.2, 4.5), SDG 10.2

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