Good Practices

Healthy City Community Foundation (Slovakia). Support for inclusion of Ukrainians living in Brianská Bystrica region.

The organization provided dignified material assistance to Ukrainian refugees in the region. Weekly support, primarily focused on families with young children, seniors, and newcomers in their initial three months, included essential items like food and hygiene supplies. Alongside this, the organization actively promoted community integration through various activities.
The organization facilitated informal weekly gatherings, which served as a platform for questions, advice, and social interaction. Furthermore, it sponsored summer outings for children, encompassing visits to swimming pools, museums, and regional attractions. They organized larger community events, including Vishivanka Day, Bridges between Us, and Ukrainian Independence Day, to foster cultural exchange through traditional attire, music, and cuisine.

In 2023, the organization conducted two grant calls— one for general support and another specifically for summer inclusion activities. Out of the 12 funded projects, four were recipients of the GCLS grant. These projects included a diverse range of initiatives contributing to community well-being.

Inspired by the project Humans of New York, they initiated the project People of Banska Bystrica to showcase community diversity through photo stories. The project was implemented in collaboration with local photographers. The aim of these photos was to start discussions on issues faced by minorities, refugees, and the homeless. As part of the project, they launched a blog exploring community life, diversity, and inclusion.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, the organization, in partnership with NGOs, organized a one-day training session on communication skills and argumentation. Additionally, they participated in the seminar ‘Peaceful Victories,’ which focused on navigating polarized environments and promoting peaceful leadership. These initiatives collectively enhance their organization’s ability to create a positive impact and build stronger, more inclusive communities.

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