Good Practices

Laupheim helps! Emergency aid and integration action for Ukraine refugees in Laupheim

Community Foundation Laupheim



The Laupheimer Buergerstiftung initiated emergency aid for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the city, true to the motto “quick help is double the help”. Part of the funds was made available to the Martinus shop (local food bank) as a social institution, which then provided the refugees with basic supplies (food, groceries, drugstore items, school supplies, clothing, etc.). In addition, the CF helped to organize trips for Ukrainian refugees and for Ukrainian children, with close partnerships with the “Kinderschutzbund Laupheim” (a local Child Protection Association) and with private initiatives.

Achievements were for example:

– 128 Ukrainian refugees were provided food from over a period of several months in the local food bank (Martinusladen).

– over 50 Ukrainian children were integrated in a program of the local children protection association. Some events were “Ukrainian-only”, some events were together with local children and children with other nationalities, for integration purposes.

– Ukrainian pupils could take part in a regular school homework program with the local children protection association, which was funded by the CF.

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