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Czajnia Association


The main goal of the project was to provide psychological and legal assistance, help in finding a job, learn Polish language and to create a childcare point for refugees from Ukraine residing in our county (about 5,000 registered people).

The CF managed to create, or rather extend its operation by the next months, a psychological and legal support point for refugees from Ukraine staying in our county (bordering with Ukraine). The point additionally offered the support of a career counselor who helped to find a job for willing refugees and was equipped with playrooms for children where animations and Polish language lessons were conducted.

During the two months of the project, they managed to support 448 people, including: 156 children using the common room, animation and Polish language lessons. 100 people benefited from psychological or legal support and 218 people completed a Polish language course. In the meantime, the organization managed to find decent jobs for 12 refugee women.

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