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Pontis Foundation


ABOUT: Pontis Foundation is one of the largest community and grant-awarding foundations in Slovakia. With more than 20-year history and 40 members of staff it focuses on social innovations and support of local and community leaders in education, fight against corruption and inclusion of marginalized groups into society


  • closing gap in education for children from socially deprived communities and provide opportunities to support their potential for better future
  • improving digital, business and soft skills of participants, in cooperation with academia created and applied impact measurement

PROJECT’S DESCRIPTION: OPEN FUTURE is a unique 3-year extra-curricular education program for young people from different social backgrounds between 11 and 15 years. Its aim is to promote their digital skills, creativity and entrepreneurship, and help them increase the probability of better educational opportunities. Participants work in teams on a mini-social start up for their communities under the guidance of mentors from business, NGO and public sector and academia. The first extra-curricular Innovation Centre was established at Maxim Gorky primary school in Trnava in October 2019 where we identified higher concentration of children from vulnerable communities. At this school there are 18 % children from socially deprived communities and 33 % from marginalized Roma communities. The centre is open Mondays – Thursdays, from 1pm – 5 pm. Centre coordinator and mentors organize workshops -2 a week but also offer individual assistance such as helping with homework or preparation for high school entrance exams. October 2020 for 2 groups of pupils (cca 40 – 45 ppl) till June 2021. October 2020 – March 2021 – we plan to ensure the sustainability of the project, work actively in recruiting local mentors (University students) and guest speakers.


1. End poverty in all its form.
4. Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for All.

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