Good Practices

Promoting healthy, active lifestyles in the community

Odorheiu Secuiesc Community Foundation

Fundatia Comunitara din Odorheiu Secuiesc – Székelyudvarhelyi Közösségi Alapítvány

Project: Let’s move out!


About: OSCF is an independent local fundraiser and grantmaker, builder of philanthropy’s culture, who build a conscious community, attend to each other, active and creative community through programs and grants. Their main strategic objectives are: education and family, developing community living space, civil society development, developing the culture of philanthropy, organizational development. In order to achieve those goals they run different type of fundraising programs.

Challenge: There isn’t a very good public transportation system in the city and there isn’t safe infrastructure for traveling by bike in the city and region. The local public administration planned to build biking roads, but in the last two nothing has happened. There is a strong growth of a local biker’s community and the adults are also willing to use their bike and/or to teach their child to bike, but there is no safe infrastructure for this. The organization wants to make the city more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Solution: The organization wanted to continue their work that they started within the previous grant round. Their main goal was to develop an inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable city by: developing a part of the created hiking trail (1000 m) around the city for being safe and accessible for everybody by bike, they developed an interactive hiking booklet with games addressed to the participating families. The organization has also organized a community hiking and biking event that promoted healthy, active lifestyles among the inhabitants and stimulated them to spend more time in the nature.

SDGs: 11, 17

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