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Promoting the SDGs through the South Yorkshire Climate Action


ABOUT the CF: SYCF exist to support and build strong, resilient communities across the South Yorkshire region. We invest in change-making groups by distributing grants, delivering training, and sharing advice – acting as a catalyst for positive change. SYCF encourages charitable giving for the benefit of communities, to help local people gain the support they need now, while investing in a stronger South Yorkshire for all. SYCF has raised and distributed more than £29 million in community grants in the last 35 years. We also manage South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB) which provides funding information and advice for third sector organisations. Through our regular Vital Signs Reports we report on the social needs of South Yorkshire and gather the evidence base for where resources are the most needed.

PROJECT TITLE: Promoting and communicating the UN SDGs through the South Yorkshire Climate Action Fund at South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation.

THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We are using the grant to build an infrastructure of the SGDs into our climate actions funds. We are supporting groups of all kinds in learning about the SDGs and how to use them to describe the amazing impact they are having in their communities. We are offering this support in the form of information webinars with SDG experts, advice on how to talk to the SDGs in applications, mentoring from local businesses other local stakeholders and events to share success stories with other organisations. We are also supporting our grant panellists and staff on how they can also use the SDGs in their work with community organisations. We want to build this infrastructure and subsequently role out across all of our grant programmes. We are so excited to be delivering this project and communicating about the goals to community groups, Foundation volunteer panellists, local businesses and other local stakeholders.

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SDG TARGETS: This project is targeting goal 10 (Reduced Inequalities) as we are wanting to equip all community groups with the skills to talk about the SDGs to describe their impact and aid stakeholders in relating their work to the global context

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