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Ready – Steady – Go: learning SDGs by teaching others (Poland)

The Snow Mountain Community Fund
Country: Poland

SMCF was established in 1998. Its mission is to change the mentality of people and convince them that everybody can be a change-maker. During the past 26 years, they have given 899 grants to local initiatives, and 1630 scholarships to poor and gifted students. They established 14 memory funds to help people understand the idea of philanthropy and implemented more than 110 educational programs. 


According to their research, awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in small local communities, is low. Additionally, there is a lack of belief that individuals can have an impact on global challenges. In response, they want to concentrate on activities that enhance awareness of the SDGs within the local society, with a specific focus on the youth population in the Snow Mountain region. As a result of the project, they want to also equip Community Foundations (CFs) belonging to the Federation of CFs in Poland with practical tools for effective communication about SDGs and collaboration with stakeholders.

Highlight and share successful SDGs-related initiatives and practices that can be replicated in the Snow Mountain region.

Target Audience:

  • Local Society (Primarily Youth): Engaging students and young people to raise awareness and empower them to contribute to the SDGs.
  • Community Foundations (CFs): Providing practical tools and knowledge to CFs within the Federation of CFs in Poland to enhance their communication and collaboration skills.
  • NGOs, Business, and Local Government: Encouraging collaboration and partnerships among different sectors for a holistic approach to SDGs.

Key Activity: The key activity will be to conduct a social-education campaign about the SDGs, communicate about them in daily activities, and share good practices that can be implemented by other NGOs.


Research Phase (Dec–Jun):

  • Compile materials related to the SDGs.
  • Conduct surveys with students, teachers, and CFs to assess the current level of knowledge of the SDGs and the knowledge and role of the local communities in implementing them.

Workshops (Jan-Jun):

  • School directors and teachers attend workshops on integrating SDGs into daily education.
  • Student workshops focusing on personal roles as changemakers.
  • Development of a toolkit for CFs on building their image and proposals while incorporating SDGs in marketing communications.

Educational Materials (Apr-Jun):

  • Create online materials for students that provide information and inspiration about the SDGs.
  • Develop a toolkit for CFs to integrate SDGs into their marketing and communication strategies.

Art Contest (Mar):

  • Conduct an art contest for elementary and high school students on actions related to the SDGs.

Conference and Workshops (Jun):

  • Summary event for CFs and NGOs participating in the Act Locally Program.
  • Workshops on communication about SDGs and NGOs for Climate.
  • Distribution of educational materials and lectures by experts.


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