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Redefine the boundaries between people of Ferencvaros

Ferencvaros Community Foundation

ABOUT the CF:  Founded in 2011, FCF is the first community foundation in Hungary, working in one of the largest and most heterogeneous districts in Budapest. Our main activities: fundraising and grant-giving, organising community programs to improve the well-being of the local community. We are a “bridge”: based on very close contacts, we connect local initiatives, local donors (individuals, SMEs and large companies), and volunteer citizens ready to act for their environment. We support cc. 12 local initiatives yearly, partly through our large fundraising programs, Swimathon and Live Giving (the Funding Network method); from our funds (Central Ferencváros Fund; Péter Zwack Memorial Fund, after one of the oldest and prestigious enterprises here); and from other sources. In 2017-2018 we ran our own project, Our New Neighbours – Colourful Ferencváros, supported by the Global Fund. The goal was to reach out to foreigners in the district and to highlight the values of a colourful district.   ..

PROJECT TITLE: Redefine the boundaries between people of Ferencvaros

THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION: “Do you know the joke when the doctor, the software developer, the baker and the school principal are locked up in a room, in Ferencváros with you for 2 days? It’s not a joke now! And it’s up to you what comes out of it…”

In Oct. 2021, we will hold a 48-hour Social-Hackaton competition. Each of three teams will plan a project during the event that will focus on one of the three selected SDGs (3, 4, 11). These will be supported at a community fundraising event (Giving Circle) late November, The projects will be implemented in 2022. -During summer, we will launch a call for ideas, inviting individuals, businesses, public institutions and NGOs to submit proposals and delegate participants to the Hackaton on the SDG topics.

At the marathonic event, participating teams will develop project plans of their choice that address the issues of eradication of poverty, fair and accessible education, and a livable, inclusive city

SDG TARGETS: 3, 4, 5

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