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Reducing waste production

REVIA – Smallcarpathian Community Foundation

REVIA – Malokarpatská komunitná nadácia

Project: Circular economy: waste reduction pilot in Modra, Slovakia


About: REVIA is a nonprofit community foundation focused on improving life of the communities in the Small Carpathian region for already 22 years. It tries to support wide spectrum of ideas and initiatives through following activities:  financial and non-financial support of local volunteer projects, focused on the community life enhancement and community development (our grant making program); connecting the public, private and non-profit sector into a well-functioning local network; counselling service for the local non-profits, activists and donors in the field of project management, institutional capacity enhancement and philanthropy.

Challenge: The community faces a double challenge: 1. how to reduce waste generation to minimize the deposit space needed and save money at the same time and 2. how to do this, engaging all local stakeholders sustainably?

Solution: To solve the above mentioned challenge Revia CF has analyzed the waste situation in the city, carried out waste sampling and presented the analysis to the City Council. Based on collected hard data and gained knowledge REVIA created an action plan containing raising awareness about the waste production and recycling and monitoring system of the project. What’s more it has created the e-manual on how to correctly separate waste in Modra and how to minimalize its production. People in Modra are able to find useful information about their town’s recycling program just by scanning a QR code by their phones. In the end they have organized the awareness campaign and educational workshop on the subject: how to separate the waste properly.

SDGs: 12, 17      

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