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Salerno Community Helps Ukraine

Community Foundation Salernitana



The main objective of the project was to support the autonomy and integration of Ukrainian refugees who fled the war. The Foundation promoted a welcome path that provided the people hosted with information, psychological and legal support. As far as possible, paths that favored the access of Ukrainian refugees to the labor market through guidance and accompaniment paths were also promoted.

With the project, The Foundation of the Salerno Community through the Single Office of Social Services has developed an emergency procedure for the reception of Ukrainian citizens who have arrived in the territory. The Foundation has prepared information, guidance, health assistance and prompt reception vademecum, also available in Ukrainian.

The Foundation organized two Italian language courses in August and September. The courses, held daily, saw the participation of a total of 35 people. 8 people were met for the psychological help desk, while 5 people participated in the activities for children and teenagers. To date, about ten people continue to follow an Italian course that takes place voluntarily for two afternoons a week.

The cultural mediation desk is still active. More than 150 people have been met in total since the outbreak of the war. More than 200 translations made by me for refugees, 100 legalized over 150 free consultations regarding cards/ residence permits, school enrollments, at various institutions.

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