Good Practices

SDGs for the Young (Bulgaria)

Stara Zagora Community Foundation
Country: Bulgaria

Stara Zagora Community Foundation was established in 2003. Its mission is to develop local giving as a factor for improving the quality of life in the community. The foundation stimulates local giving and civic participation in finding and implementing solutions to local issues. The CF has become a reliable partner to local businesses and local government in supporting civil society development.

Stara Zagora faces challenges due to the impending closure of coal mines and thermal power plants, leading to protests and concerns about livelihoods. According to CF, the protests are caused by a lack of awareness-raising communication about the steps that governments are taking by international treaties and the commitments they have made to address climate issues.

That’s why the project aims to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 13 (Climate Action), into community discussions, focusing on engaging young people (listen to what they want and what they hope for the future of the town but also for the region). 


  • Internal: Improve organizational knowledge, update internal documents, involve the Board, and rebrand the website.
  • External: Organize events like a Hackathon, environmental film festival, and sustainable living festival. Provide grants for youth projects.
  • Hackaton will be centered around the future of the region, green energy, and climate change. 
  • To communicate about the project they will use the visual arts as a strong instrument in the modern world.
  • Rebranding the website and emphasizing SDG-related content.

Community Involvement and Partners:

  • Engage young people as the primary target audience, aiming to influence their friends, parents, extended family, and teachers.
  • Partnerships with local authorities, media, and institutions to enhance project reach. Collaborate with other NGOs, encouraging them to take action on SDGs.
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