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Seventeen stars of Sustainable Development


ABOUT the CF: Established in 2006, the Zamah foundation strives to stimulate new knowledge and skills development in communities Zamah works on positive changes and development of new values; knowledge transfer, and new social products and services. The Foundation has developed number of  tools such as model for crisis philanthropy“ through which we have helped a large number of people in crisis. Our programs and activities are based on the SDG and that guided us firmly in the implementation of SD policy as a whole. As a tool for communication and learning about SDG-s, we created a platform for distance learning. The platform is well received by youth and it covers topics such as sustainable tourism, organic agriculture, sustainable campaigns, and market.

Zamah target groups  are (youth, elderly, minorities, women, and socially neglected) fall into vulnerable categories. Zamah connect stakeholders at the local level enabling them to strengthen the socio-economic fabric in order to develop their own resources and become more self-sustainable.

PROJECT TITLE: Seventeen stars of Sustainable Development 

THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The objective is to strive to raise awareness of the applicability of Sustainable Development Goals through learning and activating the capacity of local stakeholders in local communities with an effect on everyday life. In response to that, together with associations from each community 5 CSOs, and one high school as partners / in all 5 cities, ZAMAH will conduct a campaign on SDG, as an artistic performance led in the squares, and a series of open public forums. Each of the 17 SD goals will be carefully elaborated as an exhibit and monitored by the media. In addition, the SDG Moodle platform will be given as an open tool for youth to acquire knowledge and get certificates. Due to the potential new measures of COVID19 activities will take place mainly outside.

Expected results: It is expected that representatives of local governments in 5 communities will adopt an agreement on SDG promotion and visibility; 5 communities have gained permanent exhibition settings for educational purposes on SDG topics; More than 1500 young people have by participating in the educational exhibition have a better understanding of SDGs. 100 youth  have enrolled in the educational platform, and 60% gained official certificates, 30 representatives of partner organizations have gained knowledge and skills for transfer of SDG values. 7 partner organizations have to embed SDG-s into their strategies and 10 local artists have achieved better interconnection between art and sustainability through the creation of SDG-inspired artwork. 5 local businesses will adopt at least three SDG-s within their portfolio and 5 businesses will join the promotion of SDG-s through direct donations (approx 1200 $). Over 100 high schools are introduced to the educational SDG platform through the national school network ‘CARNET.

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SDG TARGETS: Through the experiences of local artists and cooperation with the Zamah Foundation, all 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be exposed to the public in small communities. Works of art will be developed as symbols that represent each SDG and will use for the exhibition mainly on the open space. For a better understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals, open forums will be organized as interactive tools with community members.

Zamah special attention is given to environmental protection and sustainable development goals:

7/ Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all

8/ Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic  growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all

10/ Reduce inequality within and among countries

11/Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe resilient, and sustainable

13/ Take urgent action to combat climate change and impact

17/Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development


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