Good Practices

Small Steps Count (Latvia)

The Cross-Regional Fund of Mid Latgale
Country: Latvia
The organization was founded in 2013 and has public benefit status. It is the only community fund in the Latgale region. The organization aims to promote and develop the growth of the local community and community philanthropy in Latgale by financing or implementing initiatives important to society and supporting residents, especially low-income families, young people, and people with special needs.
Project Goal: The goal of the project is to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals and foster discussions within the community on practices and policies that contribute to the SDGs, emphasizing the role of individuals and communities in achieving these goals.
Planned Activities and Results:
  • Philosophers’ Discussion on SDGs: Engage 4 academics with a philosophy background in a public discussion on the SDGs.
  • Expected Results: Raise awareness of the SDGs in the local community with at least 30 participants.
  • Community and NGO Leaders Seminar: Educate community and NGO leaders about the SDGs, including a workshop at a sustainable hemp farm.
  • Expected Results: Inform at least 25 participants about sustainable development and motivate them to revise their daily habits for sustainable living.
  • Art School Students’ Works Competition and Exhibition: Organize a competition for 20 art school students reflecting on the SDGs, followed by an exhibition in public spaces. Works will be created under the supervision of art teachers, photographed, and printed on canvas.
  • Expected Results: 20 large-format canvases will be displayed in public buildings/outdoors with an explanatory text and a QR code with an info link.
  • Seminar for Municipal and Business PR/CSR Specialists: Educate specialists on presenting municipality/company initiatives in the context of SDGs.
  • Expected Results: Conduct a seminar for 20 specialists who will sign a memorandum of intent regarding SDG representation.
  • Dance Performance “Eel’s Freedom Story”: Use a dance performance to raise questions about human responsibility towards the environment.
  • Expected Results: Engage approximately 150 participants in a discussion about personal responsibility towards the planet.
  • A Series of Articles in a Local Newspaper: Publish a series of six articles about local initiatives contributing to the SDGs.
  • Expected Results: Reach a wider audience of 3,500 newspaper readers, increasing knowledge about SDGs.
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