Good Practices

Stronger and self-confident local women

Snow Mountain Community Fund

(Fundusz Lokalny Masywu Śnieżnika)

Project: “I’m every woman… it’s all in me!”


About: The Snow Mountain Community Fund began to operate in 1997 analyzing local potential and local needs. Its mission is to change the mentality of people and convince them that everybody could be a “change maker”. During nearly 20 years of existence, they’ve given more than 800 grants to local initiatives, more than 1300 scholarships for poor and gifted students, set up Common Room for children and youth in Bystrzyca Kłodzka and established 14 memory funds helping people better understand the idea of philanthropy.

Challenge: One of the biggest challenges in that project was reinforcing both internal and external power of women in community. Basing on their experience, Snow Mountain Community Fund could see great enthusiasm and potential in women to undertake a multitude of actions – social, economic and political. Unfortunately, we are still lacking driving force that would convince the women to make the best of their skills. Although most of them have enough experience and knowledge – the shortage of their self-confidence and readiness to take up challenges are the most serious obstacles. SMCF members felt a strong need to change such an attitude, as we believe that only women – with their sensitivity, empathy and their emotions – can make the real change.

Solution: Organizing various workshops for woman: WenDo for 12 teenage girls (method that teaches how to stop feeling helpless and defenseless in every situation), legal workshops, meetings with psychologists, mind and body workshops, training for young woman leaders. During the project SMCF organized open conference for woman – full of workshops and debates.

The organization believes that stronger and self-confident local women became more active in participation in public, political and social life.

SDG: 5

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