Good Practices

Support for the Ukrainian people!

Aluksnes and Apes Community Foundation



The overall goal of the project was to promote the development of civil tolerance and co-responsibility for the support of the Ukrainian people, the management of the  refugee crisis, activation and public involvement in solving the refugee crisis, was reached. During the project, refugees in Alūksne and Smiltene counties were received and ensured both in the short term (more than 1,500 Ukrainian civilians) and in the long term (more than 250 Ukrainian civilians). The support received within the framework of this project provided coordinating and activating the support and assistance to Ukrainian civilians in Alūksne and Smiltene regions and Ukraine.

The foundation cooperated with 2-3 volunteers from Latvia and Ukraine on a daily basis, providing necessary support to refugees. Transportation from the border to accommodation places in Alūksne and Smiltene districts, specialist support, integration measures, and sending aid to Ukraine was ensured. The office of the foundation “Alūksnes and Apes Community Foundation” provided informative, financial and material assistance to an average of 25 refugees a day. Within the project, the Foundation provided meals to 129 refugees, and various types of assistance were provided to the refugees of the Ukrainian war, more than 1,870 times.

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