Good Practices

The Bratislava Community Foundation (Slovakia). At home I am so, where I have a bike (not only).

Their focus has centered on a group of refugees (especially mothers and children) who, despite Slovakia’s initial support, faced challenges in daily life.

Key project activities included daycare space for children, Slovak language instruction in preparation for school, addressing essential everyday needs, and most importantly, creating enriching experiences to foster a sense of belonging. Excursions and events, such as visits to the zoo, Danube River cruises to Devín Castle, bio-farm tours, participation in Dragon Days, swimming pool outings, and theater visits, contributed to a beautiful summer for the children and their mothers. Their main goal was to provide not only practical support but also memorable moments that allowed them to briefly escape the challenges in their homeland. Through excursions, they were able to get to know the city and its surroundings and settle into the community.

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