Good Practices

The Center for Helping Refugees supporting the development of long term aid

Żywiec Development Foundation



The most important activity was to support a fundraising team which as a direct result of the project secured a donation of 120,000 PLN and donated goods of a value of 80,000 PLN for the Rock for Ukraine Project. A donation of 16,005 euros from the Act Now Children’s Fund and grant from the US Department of State of 20,000 USD for Wool therapy. Another activity was to support food bank donations. Goods to the value of 113,774 PLN were collected and distributed through the CPU.

The CF provided support and advice to 310 refugees. The center is used for one stop advice. These visits were not recorded, but it is estimated that ad hoc advice is given 8-12 times a day, each day the center is open. They also manage the Wool project which has had donations of more than 12,000 euros from the USA and across Europe. Wool support groups now exist within Poland and across Europe. 600 hours of workshops are financed to May 2023. The Rock Project has supported 15 regional events for an estimated group of 1000 children. The project has now reached out to more than 4000 participants since it started. Finally the Butterfly group has had enough resources to organize a summer school for 63 Ukrainian children and operates in term time as an activity club.

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