Good Practices

The Community Foundation for Staffordshire support for Ukrainians

The Community Foundation for Staffordshire



Within the project about 300 people were directly supported with:

∙ language skills;

∙ education that follows the Ukrainian curriculum, keeping children’s education as steady as possible for the prospect of returning home;

∙ safe, welcoming social and activity group meetings; to share experiences and keep connected;

∙ specific care (e.g. health) or support people to access the required services;

∙ clothing particularly winter coats and shoes, especially for those unable to provide for their children;

∙ expenses for travel across a large city that enables access to extra support or to look for work;

∙ hygiene products, toiletries and foods, especially for children and babies;

The range of the support offered has greater ramifications than just for the recipient directly. As an example, the parents who benefit from English courses may be able to engage more confidently with the local community, offering opportunities to communicate effectively with children’s teachers, to help with homework and may also help to find employment.

Those who have needed extra specialist assistance have been supported to gain relevant aid to ensure they are healthy and engaged within the communities they find themselves amongst.

Children who are enabled to sustain the appropriate education levels will be able to maintain standards to successfully move into adult life.

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