Good Practices

Developing and supporting the understanding of SDG’s

The Community Foundation for Staffordshire
Great Britian

ABOUT: The Community Foundation for Staffordshire is an independent charity dedicated to
strengthening local communities across Staffordshire and Shropshire. We aim to tackle issues of
disadvantage and exclusion through the building of permanent endowments and the allocation of grants.

: Developing and supporting the understanding of SDG’s throughout Staffordshire and Shropshire with donors and community to embed these as part of community giving.

: To raise profile of SDG’s within our sphere of influence and subsequently relay our understanding of UN SDG’s to all our contacts.

: In order to achieve our goal, the CF for Staffordshire firstly will need to improve the knowledge and understanding of the staff team, donors and beneficiaries. This will enable everyone involved to broadcast their understanding of UN SDG’s within their circles of influence. The Community Foundation for Staffordshire will show leadership in identifying and addressing the UN SDG’s so that they can have a positive impact on reducing inequalities. They will promote equality and enable access to funding by offering advice and guidance to groups receiving funding. Strengthening the community’s abilities to fulfil their remit and be sustainable, working with groups who receive funding from us to work diligently on how they can be sustainable to alleviate the SDG’s that affect their service users
The Community Foundation is already connected to many local communities across the area through Community Fund groups. Local donors work together to raise funds for community groups or individuals in their areas as part of their civic responsibility. Where these groups operate the beneficiaries and donors will come together to better understand the development possibilities that they can offer each other.

The aim is to focus on goals 1, 2, 3, 4, and 10. These are inter-related areas where we can help to maintain the efforts already being made to address some of the targets within these goals in the region.
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