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The Idea Courier – Bridging Gaps, Building Solutions Together (Hungary)

Ferencvaros Community Foundation (FCF)
Country: Hungary

The CF was founded in 2011. It is the first community foundation in Hungary, working in one of the largest and most heterogeneous districts in Budapest. 

About project:

They launched a brand-new format, called Idea Courier, for bonding different stakeholders such as NGOs, citizens, college students, and companies to generate ideas and solutions for successful SDG.

The primary goal of the “Idea Courier” project is to address the growing need for connection in local communities in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic and economic crisis. The project aims to achieve this goal by focusing on raising awareness about the 9 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a strong emphasis on innovation. Key elements of the project include fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, such as NGOs, citizens, college students, and companies, to generate innovative solutions for implementing the SDGs locally and establishing lasting partnerships.


  • Podcast Series:

Features representatives of major companies and experts from different SDG-related organizations and public institutions. They contribute their perspectives to the project idea, sharing insights and expertise. 

  • Debate Events for College Students:

Thematic competitions are designed to engage college students in generating ideas for the first stage of the concept for the 9 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Events for Citizens and NGOs:

Involves accepting the basic concept generated by college students and including special points of view from citizens and NGOs. This is facilitated through the use of a card game, specifically Hellon’s card game designed for participatory budgeting in Helsinki, which will be adopted and tailored for this project. 

  • Finalization by the Municipality:

The developed project idea ends up with the Municipality, which explores the background of the legal regulations, completes the idea into a feasible plan, and even provides resources for implementation from the participatory budget.

To ensure maximum participation, they will employ cutting-edge methods such as:

Helsinki Participatory Budget Card Game: They will adapt and implement this engaging card game to involve citizens, NGOs, and community members in idea generation and decision-making. The game fosters creative thinking and collaboration.

Debate Techniques:  debates, will encourage lively discussions and idea exchange among college students.

Design Thinking: it will guide participants through problem-solving processes that prioritize empathy and innovation. This approach promotes user-centered solutions and fosters a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Outdoor Campaign Innovation: using unconventional outdoor campaign methods, including thought-provoking problem question cards strategically placed in public spaces, events, restaurants, and more.


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