Good Practices

The Same, Sokółka, Poland

Purpose of the project
The main goal of the project was to study tolerance and positive attitudes towards physically, mentally or emotionally disabled persons and to promote positive actions in the local environment.
In the environment in which we live or learn, we meet every day with people with disabilities. But not always, as young people, we can realize that the object of interest should be man, not just his disability. We wanted, through a series of workshops and integration meetings, to meet the needs of these people in order to objectively recognize their strengths, opportunities and achievements.
By implementing the project we wanted to educate our friends and colleagues on positive social behaviors such as: social acceptance and respect for the disabled, prevention of isolation, natural and friendly contact with people with disabilities, interpersonal contacts, cooperation and integration.

Activities implemented within the project
The project consisted in developing positive attitudes toward tolerance towards people with disabilities and people with emotional problems.
The project consisted of two main stages.
The first stage is a series of workshops for members of the Volunteer Club, and then for the group of students from outside the cycle of classes on tolerance and positive attitudes towards disability and emotional problems.
The second stage is a series of integration meetings with: the supporters of the Self-Help Center, a group of students from the Special Education and Training Center, a group of children from the Children’s Home
– a group of charges from the Sickness Cure Clinic “Cicada.

Project results
The disproportionate benefit to the local community was to motivate young people to engage with people with disabilities, to be sensitive to their needs and expectations. Implementation of the project has resulted in the extension of cooperation in the local environment and increased volunteer activity in the organization of assistance to the disabled.

Recipients of the project:
The recipients were both our school’s students and local people:
– members of the Volunteer Club – workshops – 23 people
– Secondary students of technical secondary school – workshop classes – 42 people,
– the charge of the Environmental Self-Help Center -10 people,
– a group of students from the Special Education and Training Center -20 people,
– a group of children from the Children’s Home in Supraśl – 20 people,
– a group of patients from the sociotherapeutic room “Koniczynka” – 15 people.

Project Partners:
Complex of Agricultural Schools in Sokolka
Parent Council at the School of Agriculture in Sokolka

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