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Bardejov Community Foundation

Komunitná nadácia Bardejov

Project: Local solution for a healthy community


About: The mission of Bardejov Community Foundation (BCF) is to connect people in order to tackle their common problems on their own. A perspective change, which BCF is trying to achieve, is to raise engagement of broader community to its development. They believe that it is important, to create a space, to give opportunities and to use proven and innovative tools for mobilization and for involvement of general public into positive changes in community.

Challenge: The most important challenge for the Bardejov community is SDG no. 17, particularly focusing on local solutions to the following three global challenges: a) promoting sustainable agriculture and food security, b) promoting sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products, c) substantially reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse. Within the project the Bardejov CF wanted to encourage people that leave abroad to come back to the city and to engage them in the local activities.

Solution: Within the project BFC organized a lot of activities, among others: a TV debate with representatives of the city council, NGOs and local leaders about SDGs and about the opportunities for active citizens to get involved in finding solutions for those challenges. What’s more they have conducted 3 half-day seminars on subjects related to sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism, local culture and products, waste reduction, recycling and upcycling). They have also organized Run for A(tra)ctive Bardejov where runners supported their selected project and BCF and entrepreneurs contributed as well by matching the raised funds. By carrying out the project, BCF wanted to increase community awareness about SDGs and, as a result, improve behavior in line with the ‘think globally, act locally’ slogan in their everyday life.

SDGs: 2, 8, 12, 17

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