Good Practices

Ukrainian Refugees are Welcome in Stara Zagora Bulgaria

Stara Zagora Community Foundation



The project involved two main activities: one is information sharing and direct service provision to the Ukrainian refugees and the other is provision of humanitarian support.


In the field of information sharing, they maintain a Viber group with 200 participants and a local Facebook group with almost 1000 people in it. For the project period we have roughly 155 publications in both places. They have responded to more than 200 requests for information over those channels, in person, and over the phone.

The CF helped 7 people find accommodation in the town and in the Municipal housing.

62 people received some kind of service – seeing people off to the train station or the bus station, purchasing bus and train tickets, arranging free travel, help with planning trips from or to Ukraine or other EU countries, arranging in country travel, translation, arranging and accompanying people to doctor appointments in Stara Zagora and in the capital, buying medicine and food for people at the hospitals; accompanying people to institutions, calling institutions on behalf of someone, etc. More than 30 people received free admission to cultural events – opera, ballet, concerts.

32 people, including children received clothing and shoes provided by the local community. 90 people received utensils–hygrometer, fan, laptop, electric kettle, and cutlery. The CF installed a washing machine in one of the hotels where 50 women and 30 children were living so that they don’t have to wash their clothes in the bathroom sinks.

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