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United for Peace


ABOUT the CF: Varna Community Foundation was formed by a group of local active citizens in 2012 who had a history of working together for different philanthropic causes in the community. The purpose was to improve the infrastructure for local giving. The creation was supported by the national program for the development of community foundations in Bulgaria, implemented by Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation.
The mission of CF Varna is to stimulate local philanthropy and engage local donors in supporting civic initiatives that improve the quality of life in Varna community. The Community Foundation of Varna makes grants to civic organizations on the grassroots level.

PROJECT TITLE: United for Peace

THE PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project “United for Peace” directly relates to SDG 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions at all levels.

The main objective is to increase awareness of SDGs and demonstrate how the spirit of SDG 16 translates into specific actions that help people escaping from armed conflicts to integrate in the reception countries and to receive equal treatment. The main target group is young people who will be empowered as promoters of a worldview that peace is our only chance for a sustainable future.

The core project activities are a strategic communication campaign delivering messages of SDGs as a blueprint for overcoming divisions in society and ensuring a sustainable future. This is combined with the provision of tailored information services to refugees from Ukraine, which will be accomplished in close collaboration with the Refugee Center in Varna that currently supports dozens of refugees per day. Varna CF will help set up an information website in Ukrainian to facilitate the refugees’ access to social, medical, and other services. Young people play a key role as promoters of the key communication messages as well as volunteers working directly to facilitate the integration of Ukrainian youth in their schools and free-time activities. They will organize a youth integration club that create a safe space for sharing and provision of psycho-social support to teenagers from Ukraine who have enrolled in local schools.

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