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WE LOVE UKRAINE – Raising Funds for Rapid Grant Scheme Supporting Refugees from Ukraine in Eastern Slovakia

Carpathian Foundation



The purpose of the project was to raise funds for a rapid grant scheme supporting refugees from Ukraine in Eastern Slovakia and to raise funds to provide humanitarian aid to internally displaced people in the western regions of Ukraine. Their grant scheme supported a total of 43 local NGOs, local self-governments, and/or schools, who played a crucial role in realization of our goals. Moreover, 4 new partnerships with local organizations were developed to create a basis for long-term cooperation.

Through the CFs’ efforts, they were able to successfully raise a grand total of 156,747 EUR, primarily from 4 major donors, which exceeded our initial projections by over 50,000 EUR. Six grants were awarded during the implementation of this project, with three of them being covered by the grant. Additionally, several types of audio-visual content were gathered, including more than 20 articles written and published, a photo set, and 2 video documentaries, all with the aim of improving the negative narratives about refugees and promoting awareness of the efforts of the organizations supported via the rapid grant scheme. Moreover, the grant scheme was externally evaluated and gathered data used for advocacy and further fundraising.

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