Good Practices

Żywiec Development Foundation (Poland) GCLS for Ukrainian refugees

An excellent model of comprehensive support for refugees. They implemented vocational courses for women, enabling them to change their career paths and increase their chances of success in the Polish labor market. In addition, they supported the language learning process through certified Polish lessons, opening the door to the possibility of applying for long-term residency in Poland. They assisted in obtaining necessary documents and were mediators in official matters. The food bank, which they run thanks to the support of local stores, allowed refugees to receive free food aid until they became independent. In addition, various integration activities were organized to foster a closer relationship between Ukrainians and the local community, e.g., knitting workshops. The workshop was not only a place for integration but also allowed women to gain skills that they could use to earn money. Thanks to these efforts, the organization became a trustworthy place for refugees. It responded flexibly to the evolving needs of refugees, which, combined with ongoing observation of the situation, resulted in effective support. The organization’s initiatives demonstrate how a comprehensive approach contributes to faster adaptation to new living conditions and supports refugees in becoming independent.

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