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Zywiec: It’s time for Glocalisation! (Poland)

Zywiec Development Foundation

Country: Poland

A community-based Foundation registered in 2003. They have a number of term programmes including: The Centre for Social Integration for socially excluded. They provide a centre to learn skills or receive therapy, or to meet people. “Żywiec with Passion” which supports local talent. “Zabłocie Local Activity Programme” focusing on the revitalization of our district, including the Foundation offices. A Programme for Disabled People” is a local action where the Foundation provides very necessary daily support – assistants – to more than 120 handicapped residents across the region. From 2022 they operate a “Centre for Helping Refugees” in support of 2000+Ukrainians.“Orange Energy” supports children in psychological crisis. They also have the “Oxford Debates” and a NGO programme “Promote and Communicate” for NGO skills development and they also act as the grant manager for other NGOs

The primary goal of their project is to foster sustainable development in the community by initiating a comprehensive engagement strategy. Through community conversations, media platforms, stakeholder meetings, and educational programs, the project aims to raise awareness, facilitate discussions, and create locally-driven solutions to address the challenges outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Planned activities: develop and launch a community-based media platform to facilitate discussions on SDGs, and conduct regular discussions and explanations of SDGs through the platform. Planned activities: Prepare informative brochures targeting schools, local businesses, NGOs, and distribute them through local administrative bodies, Monthly Stakeholder Meetings and Workshops, Develop and deliver a comprehensive school program to engage the youth as influencers for sustainable change, Form a strategy group to integrate SDGs into a 10-year local strategic plan by June 2024, provide training and support to local companies to develop ESG strategies, across their business areas and for any charitable giving they may wish to undertake to support the Foundation.


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