Meet the Winners of the 3rd Grant Round for Ukrainian Refugees

We’re pleased to announce the successful Applicants of the GCLS project for Ukrainian Refugees.

Following a thorough evaluation process, we’ve chosen 8 organizations from 5 countries – Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Poland, and Slovakia – to receive grants aimed at assisting Ukrainian refugees.

Meet the winners:

  • Bratislava Community Foundation
  • Clementine Foundation
  • Community Donation Fund Sliven Foundation (CDF) – Sliven
  • Communtity Foundation Berlin
  • Mures Community Foundation
  • Community Foundation of Racibórz
  • Varna Community Foundation
  • Żywiec Development Foundation  (ZDF)


In this round, projects emphasizing integration, poverty prevention, and access to education received high ratings.

The program is financed by the Mott Foundation and implemented by the Akademia Rozwoju Filantropii w Polsce
Wishing all the winners success in bringing their projects to fruition.
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